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Author Archive:

Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing-P2P

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Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing: Creating Neural Networks with Python-P2P
English | June 27, 2018 | ISBN: 148423684X | 294 Pages | PDF, ePUB | 5.2 Mb – 7.6 Mb

Discover the concepts of deep learning used for natural language processing (NLP), with full-fledged examples of neural network models such as recurrent neural networks, long short-term memory networks, and sequence-2-sequence models.

You’ll start by covering the mathematical prerequisites and the fundamentals of deep learning and NLP with practical examples. The first three chapters of the book cover the basics of NLP, starting with word-vector representation before moving onto advanced algorithms. The final chapters focus entirely on implementation, and deal with sophisticated architectures such as RNN, LSTM, and Seq2seq, using Python tools: TensorFlow, and Keras. Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing follows a progressive approach and combines all the knowledge you have gained to build a question-answer chatbot system.

This book is a good starting point for people who want to get started in deep learning for NLP. All the code presented in the book will be available in the form of IPython notebooks and scripts, which allow you to try out the examples and extend them in interesting ways.

Learning Spark: Lightning-Fast Data Analytics, 2nd Edition-P2P

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Learning Spark: Lightning-Fast Data Analytics, 2nd Edition-P2P
English | August 11, 2020 | ISBN: 1492050040 | 300 Pages | PDF | 14.5 Mb

Data is getting bigger, arriving faster, and coming in varied formats—and it all needs to be processed at scale for analytics or machine learning. How can you process such varied data workloads efficiently? Enter Apache Spark.
Updated to emphasize new features in Spark 2.x., this second edition shows data engineers and scientists why structure and unification in Spark matters. Specifically, this book explains how to perform simple and complex data analytics and employ machine-learning algorithms. Through discourse, code snippets, and notebooks, you’ll be able to:

  • Learn Python, SQL, Scala, or Java high-level APIs: DataFrames and Datasets
  • Peek under the hood of the Spark SQL engine to understand Spark transformations and performance
  • Inspect, tune, and debug your Spark operations with Spark configurations and Spark UI
  • Connect to data sources: JSON, Parquet, CSV, Avro, ORC, Hive, S3, or Kafka
  • Perform analytics on batch and streaming data using Structured Streaming
  • Build reliable data pipelines with open source Delta Lake and Spark
  • Develop machine learning pipelines with MLlib and productionize models using MLflow
  • Use open source Pandas framework Koalas and Spark for data transformation and feature engineering

CMOS Analog Integrated Circuits: High-Speed and Power-Efficient Design, Second Edition-P2P

High-speed, power-efficient analog integrated circuits can be used as standalone devices or to interface modern digital signal processors and micro-controllers in various applications, including multimedia, communication, instrumentation, and control systems. New architectures and low device geometry of complementary metaloxidesemiconductor (CMOS) technologies have accelerated the movement toward system on a chip design, which merges analog circuits with digital, and radio-frequency components.

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CMOS Analog Integrated Circuits: High-Speed and Power-Efficient Design, Second Edition-P2P
English | October 11, 2018 | ISBN: 1138599697 | 1176 Pages | PDF | 41.5 Mb

Networked Control Systems: Cloud Control and Secure Control-P2P

Networked Control Systems: Cloud Control and Secure Control explores new technological developments in networked control systems (NCS), including new techniques, such as event-triggered, secure and cloud control. It provides the fundamentals and underlying issues of networked control systems under normal operating environments and under cyberphysical attack. The book includes a critical examination of the principles of cloud computing, cloud control systems design, the available techniques of secure control design to NCS’s under cyberphysical attack, along with strategies for resilient and secure control of cyberphysical systems. Smart grid infrastructures are also discussed, providing diagnosis methods to analyze and counteract impacts.
Finally, a series of practical case studies are provided to cover a range of NCS’s. This book is an essential resource for professionals and graduate students working in the fields of networked control systems, signal processing and distributed estimation.

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Networked Control Systems: Cloud Control and Secure Control-P2P
English | March 1, 2019 | ISBN: 0128161191 | 502 Pages | PDF | 16 Mb

Framework Design Guidelines-P2P

Framework Design Guidelines has long been the definitive guide to best practices for developing components and component libraries in Microsoft .NET. Now, this third edition has been fully revised to reflect game-changing API design innovations introduced by Microsoft through eight recent updates to C#, eleven updates to .NET Framework, and the emergence and evolution of .NET Core.

Three leading .NET architects share the same guidance Microsoft teams are using to evolve .NET, so you can design well-performing components that feel like natural extensions to the platform. Building on the book’s proven explanatory style, the authors and expert annotators offer insider guidance on new .NET and C# concepts, including major advances in asynchronous programming and lightweight memory access. Throughout, they clarify and refresh existing content, helping you take full advantage of best practices based on C# 8, .NET Framework 4.8, and .NET Core.

  • Discover which practices should always, generally, rarely, or never be used–including practices that are no longer recommended
  • Learn the general philosophy and fundamental principles of modern framework design
  • Explore common framework design patterns with up-to-date C# examples
  • Apply best practices for naming, types, extensibility, and exceptions
  • Learn how to design libraries that scale in the cloud
  • Master new async programming techniques utilizing Task and ValueTask
  • Make the most of the Memory<T> and Span<T> types for lightweight memory access

This guide is an indispensable resource for everyone who builds reusable .NET-based frameworks, libraries, or components at any scale: large system frameworks, medium-size reusable layers of large distributed systems, extensions to system frameworks, or even small shared components.

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Framework Design Guidelines: Conventions, Idioms, and Patterns for Reusable .NET Libraries (3rd Edition)-P2P
English | July 3, 2020 | ISBN: 0135896460 | 624 Pages | ePUB | 29.7 Mb

The Art of Feature Engineering: Essentials for Machine Learning-P2P

When machine learning engineers work with data sets, they may find the results aren’t as good as they need. Instead of improving the model or collecting more data, they can use the feature engineering process to help improve results by modifying the data’s features to better capture the nature of the problem. This practical guide to feature engineering is an essential addition to any data scientist’s or machine learning engineer’s toolbox, providing new ideas on how to improve the performance of a machine learning solution. Beginning with the basic concepts and techniques, the text builds up to a unique cross-domain approach that spans data on graphs, texts, time series, and images, with fully worked out case studies. Key topics include binning, out-of-fold estimation, feature selection, dimensionality reduction, and encoding variable-length data. The full source code for the case studies is available on a companion website as Python Jupyter notebooks.

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The Art of Feature Engineering: Essentials for Machine Learning-P2P
English | July 31, 2020 | ISBN: 1108709389 | 283 Pages | PDF | 7.2 Mb

Introduction to Networks Companion Guide (CCNAv7)-P2P

Introduction to Networks (CCNA v7)  Companion Guide is designed as a portable desk reference to use anytime, anywhere to reinforce the material from the Introduction to Networks course and organize your time.

The book’s features help you focus on important concepts to succeed in this course:

  • Chapter Objectives – Review core concepts by answering the focus questions listed at the beginning of each chapter.
  • Key Terms – Refer to the lists of networking vocabulary introduced and highlighted in context in each chapter.
  • Glossary – Consult the comprehensive Glossary with more than 250 terms.
  • Summary of Activities and Labs – Maximize your study time with this complete list of all associated practice exercises at the end of each chapter.
  • Check Your Understanding – Evaluate your readiness with the end-of-chapter questions that match the style of questions you see in the online course quizzes. The answer key explains each answer.
  • How To – Look for this icon to study the steps you need to learn to perform certain tasks.
  • Interactive Activities – Reinforce your understanding of topics with dozens of exercises from the online course identified throughout the book with this icon.
  • Videos – Watch the videos embedded within the online course.
  • Packet Tracer Activities – Explore and visualize networking concepts using Packet Tracer. There are 40 exercises interspersed throughout the chapters and provided in the accompanying Labs & Study Guide book.

Part of the Cisco Networking Academy Series from Cisco Press, books in this series support and complement the Cisco Networking Academy curriculum.

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Introduction to Networks Companion Guide (CCNAv7)-P2P
English | July 10, 2020 | ISBN: 0136633668 | 736 Pages | ePUB | 50.7 Mb

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